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Polo at Cowdray Park - 2014 Once again we shall be covering polo during the season. Should you require specific matches or players to be photographed, please contact me.

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To infinity and beyond...  

Having ridden a very difficult Alpine stage from the Tour de france last year (Etape du tour Acte 1) I foolishly decided to enter an even greater challenge this year, namely the Haute Route Alps.  According to the organisers, the Haute Route is the highest and toughest cyclosportive in the world, where 600 fellow fools cycle from Geneva to Nice in 7 days. The route covers a distance of 866km with 21,000 m of vertical ascent (that's about 2.5 times the high of Mt Everest from sea level, in case you're wondering). Oh, and by the way there is a very ambitious (for me) time limit on each stage to make sure you're not dawdling. My ambition is to finish within each of the 7 time limits, complete the course safely and very importantly, not get off the bike on any of the climbs. What could be more simple?

Once again I am trying to raise a little money for a worthwhile charity, which this year the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, so if you are feeling generous or pity me, please donate via my web site at: 

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Polo at Cowdray Park 2013 Please check for images from matches during the season. They are typically posted within 2-3 days of the match. Don't forget that you can 'like' us on Facebook for updates and the latest information. 

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Facebook Why not visit our Facebook page for updates and news?

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Polo at Cowdray Park - 2013 Please note that the highlights from the 2012 polo season are available. We will be covering the 2013 season at Cowdray Park so please feel free to contact us if you have specific requirements.

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Olympic cycling

Images of the men's Olympic road race now available.

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Etape du tour 2012 For my sins (and a break from the day job) I will be cycling the Etape du tour Acte 1, in the Alps. The closed road event is over the same course that the Tour de France riders will take a few days later and involves a cumulative climb of about 15,300 ft (c4,600M) and 95 miles (152KM) in a single day...  oh, and by the way, there is a challenging time limit, so no slacking!!

Why, I hear you ask? Apart from the 'because its there' defence, I am trying to raise a little money for Parkinsons UK, so if you are feeling generous or pity me, please donate via my web site at:

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Over the hill - photographic exhibition I am delighted to have a print of mine hanging alongside such eminent photographers as Rankin as part of Tim Andrew's project 'Over the hill' at the Wayfarer's Arcade in Southport from 2nd - 15th May in aid of Parkinson's UK.



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Polo at Cowdray Park Once again, we shall be at Cowdray Park for the season. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to cover a specific game, tournament or indeed the season.


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